Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

Consulting and solution services regarding Free and Open Source Software in organisations. Practical implementation of desktop and cloud based solutions.

With over 20 years experience in various aspects of Free and Open Source Software, we are able to provide advice on strategy, as well as practical implementations for a number of FOSS technologies and an applications. We also work in the area of content licensing for educational other materials. We can help your organisation develop a FOSS strategy or create actual implementations of FOSS technologies. We can also provide selected software development services.

Kenga Solutions can:

  • Help create strategy and tactics for the use of FOSS in your organisation;
  • Assist with FOSS software implementation and management within your organisation;
  • Bring to bear the considerable synergy of cloud and FOSS applications to reduce costs, improve efficiency and create innovation by cultivating knowledge of the latest cloud and FOSS technology stack so that we can use them to render end-to-end solutions.

Examples of services include:

  • development of a FOSS licensing strategy for your organisation, whether located in government, business or education
  • implementing FOSS software for your organisation, whether on the desktop or in the cloud
  • creating an open content strategy for your organisation and advising on content licensing and how to build on the digital content commons.

We don’t just do Free and Open everything, we live it and breath it every day. Everything we do is based on FOSS, we use no proprietary technology. The Kenga Solutions founder has done all business processes for the last 18 years using only FOSS technology

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