Organisational strategy

Helping to create an organisational strategy for education, government or business, particularly where there is a strong interest in being cutting edge and innovative. Focus can be on ICT or on the business.

Our approach to strategy:

  • adopts an ecosystem perspective on strategic thinking and planning;
  • follows an approach that looks at vision, people, process, technology and sustainable finance;
  • invokes an analytical approach to planning;
  • recognises the critical importance of dealing with risk and uncertainty.

We have a more than a decade of experience in designing strategies and creating innovation within educational institutions and businesses. We can work with your organisation or business to help you develop a technology strategy or an innovation strategy.

Examples of services include engagements and workshops leading to :

  • a technology and/or innovation strategy for government, higher education and business
  • a business strategy to meet new challenges, such as global expansion, new products, dealing with competitors, etc.
  • a strategy for an area within an organisation to align to an overall organisational strategy.

In addition, we can help with the socialisation of your strategy.

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